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I am a 2010 graduate of Haverford College in the United States, where I majored in Philosophy and engaged in environmental activism. Between August 15, 2010 and August 15, 2011, I traveled the world on a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, independently carrying out my self-designed yearlong project:

Holistic Environmentalism: Community Approaches to Sustainability
Australia, Germany, India, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden

“Ecovillages, Permaculture communities, and Transition Towns are three international grassroots movements attempting ecologically, economically, socially, and spiritually sustainable lifeways. I am traveling to five continents living in these three types of communities in order to study the theory and practice of sustainability in intentional and conventional communities across cultures. I intend to explore the ways in which human life can become more holistically sustainable with respect to environment, economy, society, and self.”

In layman’s terms, I am living in communities where people are trying to lead lives more connected to themselves, each other, and nature. I am interested in how and how well their visions of holistic sustainability translate into reality.

I was tired of being depressed about the global state of environmental affairs and political dereliction of duty, so I wanted to travel to places that are taking concrete (or strawbale!) action to holistically change the world. By doing so, I can counter any negativity that might come my way by pointing towards inspiring examples of solutions that exist and are being lived now.

This blog tracks the evolution of my yearlong journey and my thoughts along the way.



  1. hello tim

    how is it going for you in sadhana?

    saw some fairytale sides of india (am in udaipur now, spending my last indian days like a princess).

    this is the website of the kibbutz i am going to:


    (we met for about ninety minutes on the day you arrived)

  2. Trying to keep up with your musings – but where are you?? You are behind in your notes dear friend! update us soon 😉 … and i still promise an email with notes on Thai permaculture… lots of love, edx

  3. Amazing! I’ve always wanted to experience how sustainable communities support life around the world…. It will surely help develop a strategy to implement more where they are needed most right now. I intend on me and my family becoming part of this crucial transition to prevailing, bio-diverse and eco-conscious community living.

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