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Finding the movement near you:

  • Idealist – find jobs or volunteer positions in doing good for the world:
  • Join WiserEarth, the social network for sustainability and link up with people acting locally and globally: 
  • Find or start a Transition Initiative to transition your community away from fossil fuels towards resilience:
  • Permaculture is about building resilient human systems that function in harmony with natural systems. Find Permaculture projects and people near you:
  • Ecovillages and intentional communities form in order to live more harmonious lives with other people and with nature. Find a community near you on one of these sites:
  1. the Global Ecovillage Network
  2. Intentional Communities Directory:
  3. Eurotopia – find an intentional community or ecovillage in Europe:
  • Bioneers: a leading-edge forum & environmental conference–social & scientific innovators focus on solutions inspired by nature & human ingenuity:
  • WorldChanging: online magazine covering tools, models, and ideas for building a better future:
  • Buckminster Fuller Design Challenge: in case you thought there was any shortage of phenomenally innovative ideas to change the world:
  • Open Source Ecology: “a movement dedicated to the collaborative development of tools that enable open access to the best practices of economic production – to promote harmony between humans and their natural life support systems, and to remove material scarcity from determining the course of human relations, globally and locally. OSE aims to create harmonious coexistence between natural and human ecosystems (if we assume these are separate), towards land stewardship, resilience, and improvement of the human condition. OSE is pursuing the creation of an open society, where everybody’s needs are met, and where everybody has access to information, material productivity, and just governance systems – such that human creativity is unleashed, for all peoples. One application of OSE is the creation of replicable, open source, modern, decentralized, resilient communities.” Learn to build the decentralized future right now:

Let’s get to work!


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