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Great resources for traveling and/or volunteering:

* Idealist – find jobs or volunteer positions in doing good for the world:

* Help Exchange – find volunteering stints the world over that cover food and board:

* – an awesome resource for everything gap year (can before before and/or after college):

* Workaway – volunteering and homestays around the globe, particularly well-suited for gap years:

* Go Abroad – the “leading international education and experiential travel resource:”

* CouchSurfing – go anywhere in the world and stay for free with awesome locals willing to show you around the place:

*Tresendas – the forthcoming free social networking site for people who travel. Looks promising:

*Thorn Tree – Lonely Planet travel guide’s forum for travelers:

Good sites for people interested in traveling to places practicing environmental lifestyles:

* World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) – volunteer on an organic farm. Stay free and eat well in exchange for part-time volunteer work:

* Ecoteer – eco-related volunteer opportunities around the globe:

* Global Ecovillage Network – find one near you:

* Fellowship for Intentional Communities – find one near you:

* Eurotopia – find an intentional community or ecovillage in Europe:

* Worldwide Permaculture Network – the Facebook of Permaculture; find people and projects:

* Living Routes – an excellent ecovillage study abroad program for American students. “Bring your education to life by studying in communities across the globe that are striving to live more sustainably:”

* National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) – NOLS, the premier teacher of outdoor skills and leadership, offers courses from 10 days long to entire semesters in the world’s most spectacular wilderness classrooms:


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