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1) The summary of my lessons, thoughts, feelings, and experiences from my Watson year so anyone interested can benefit from this immensely transformative personal experience of mine. You can read my five-page summary report to the Watson Foundation along with their reply: Watson year summary.

2) A “This I Believe” essay concerning my thoughts on the environmental movement being a human potential movement aimed at the full expression of life broadly speaking (in only 531 words!): Environment This I Believe

3) A PowerPoint presentation detailing my experiences in the first five ecovillages I traveled to: Crystal Waters in Australia, Findhorn in Scotland, Tamera in Portugal, Damanhur in Italy, and Torri Superiore in Italy: Ecovillages around the World

4) My senior thesis (well, a condensed 15-page version) on environmental ethics, which discusses going beyond moralizing and guilt-tripping towards an inspiring environmentalism:  Beyond Environmental Morality

5) Three-page description of my yearlong ecovillage travel project I wrote in order to receive the Watson grant: Watson Description

6) Three-page personal statement I wrote  in order to receive the Watson grant, describing what brought me to the ecovillages and the shift that this approach represents for my environmental activism: Watson Narrative


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