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Monthly Archives: September 2011

I’ve been traveling in California for a month now, which has been one of the more adventurous months of my life. Just for today, I wanted to offer three reflections. One is from my journal this summer, one a picture of a sculpture I encountered at the Burning Man festival, and the third a quote from the movie Waking Life.

“Sunday, July 24, 2011 – Philosophy has taught me that ideas/thinking are not the most important parts of life. Activism has taught me that sometimes the world is good as it is. Writing has taught me that sometimes I’d rather live than record the experiences of my life.”

"in Living we search for the Answer when in the End the answer was Living"

One more thought connected to the above themes, a quote from the film Waking Life: “Thomas Mann wrote that he would rather participate in life than write 100 stories… An assumption develops that you cannot understand life and live life simultaneously. I do not agree entirely. Which is to say I do not exactly disagree. I would say that life understood¬†is¬†life lived.”